Choosing Wall Garland For Decor


Wall garlands are more than just an accessory for a room. They create an interior mood that is unique and unusual enough to be admired by visitors who come to view your home. A wall garland can enhance the beauty of any space from the cozy den to the formal living room. Depending on the design you choose, it can create a touch of sophistication or give a period look.

Well, the following ideas will help you determine the best decor for your home and decorating project. Decor can help you create a setting that will liven up a room and bring a sense of comfort and charm.

Plan Before Designing

Keep in mind what the decor will be used for before you begin to design the decor. Try to determine if you will need furniture, mirrors, art, plants, or other items. You want to make sure that you have everything you need when you begin to design the decor. If you only have some extra items, you can easily rent them instead of buying them.

Choosing Wall Garland For Decor
Choosing Wall Garland For Decor

Use A Mix Of Colors

Using a mix of colors is the best way to accent your decor and create a decor that is pleasing to the eye. Many homeowners decorate with colors that suit their personalities, such as white or gray. If you wish to use a brighter color, you can simply use a darker color next to the light color.

Setting Up A Wire Garland

If you want your wall garland to be larger, you can find some wire garland in many different styles. However, be aware that the garland is made of thin material, and you will need to cut it with a utility knife. If you are unsure about the edges of the wire, then you may want to purchase a non-bonded kit so that you will know the edges of the wires. The wire garland should fit snugly into the corners of the holes. Also, make sure that the wire is not twisted around itself while the garland is being cut.

Once you have cut the wire garland, it is time to hang it. Be sure that you use enough hooks to hold the garland securely on the wall. Once the wires are hooked to the hooks, it is time to install the lights. You can place set up the lights at several points on the wall to create a lively setting.

Wall Garland For Outdoor Use

If you decide to place your garland outdoors, consider the colors and designs for your outdoor decor. The colors will add a bit of the atmosphere that you want to create. You can also find garland designed for outdoor use in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are suitable for outdoor tables, patio tables, and furniture.

Consider Different Wall Garland Types

You can find wall garland that is made out of different materials like silk, metal, glass, and plastic. If you use a glass wall garland, make sure that you cover the glass with a thin layer of clear plastic. This will prevent the frosted effect that you may get from the plastic. Further, if you are going to use a silk or metal wall garland, you will need to make sure that the pieces are sewn together properly.

Choosing Wall Garland For Decor
Choosing Wall Garland For Decor

Pay Attention To Overlapping

When hanging the wall garland, make sure that the edges are even. You should also ensure that the decorations are placed in the same order on each wall so that there is no overlap. Also, make sure that the lighting complements the colors of the decorations.

It is important to remember that the decor should complement the setting. You may be interested in using white or gray. But, if the walls are painted a lighter color, then you should choose a darker color to complement the color of the walls. Adding bright colors can be difficult since it will take a lot of time to find a palette to use.

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