Cake Decoration With Flowers Is Fun and Easy

cake decoration with flowers

One of the most classic ideas for cake decorating is cake decoration with flowers. While love making sometimes its good to just create a simple old-fashioned layer cake with frosting roses. See more creative ideas about cake decoration with flowers through this article. This cake decoration screams “red velvet.” Red is such a pretty color that it will look elegant and sophisticated. This is also an idea that will make any girl happy.

Basic Ingredients

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To make this cake you will need two pans, about two to three inches square; non-stick spray; one cup of red or pink food coloring; approximately two cups of white fondant; about a quarter teaspoon of vanilla, grated chocolate and rose water, about one-fourth teaspoon of fresh flowers, about a quarter teaspoon of rose water or gelatine. Line the bottom of one of the pans with wax paper. Place one of the pans on the wax paper and coat it with the food coloring. In order to help the icing stick to the pan, you can place a piece of plastic wrap over the bottom. Next, you will want to spray the other half of the cake with the non-stick spray. Let the cake cool completely before you begin to decorate.

Red velvet flower cake decoration requires a bit of planning. First, you need to figure out how many layers you are going to have. The flower cake decoration has a removable sheet in which you can place the flower design. To decorate the cake decorating with fresh flowers, you will need to use these same two pans.

Make the frosting out of the chocolate and rosewater gelatine chips. Line up the decorative flower arrangements on the base of each tier. You can use a regular round cake mold if you do not have one. If you are going to use a flower arrangement set, be sure to make sure that all of the edible flowers will fit into each tier. This is important because you do not want any overflow to put your cake decoration into disrepair.

Best Edible Choice

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If you would like your cakes to last longer, you should consider placing these edible flowers in a plastic airtight container. Some people place fresh flowers in glass jars but there are times when this would interfere with the cooling process. Also, there are some people that do not care for using fresh flowers but you should give it a try for your personal tastes.

If you are looking for a good tip for cake decoration with flowers, here it is! Use a pastry bag to pipe decorations along the cake line. Start piping the edible flowers about two inches apart from the edge of the cake. It is best to pipe only a few flowers at a time so they do not look messy.

Final Tip

Make sure that you are following all of the safety guidelines for food based on the package. If you have any questions, you should call the manufacturer or ask a professional at a floral shop. They can help you understand what you are doing wrong. Using flowers food safe is very important for any kind of cake or any other food-based craft. It just makes sense to do so.


If you are planning on decorating your wedding cake or any other edible flowers decorated cake at your reception, be sure to follow all the safety suggestions for food based on the package. There is no reason to make your decorating any less beautiful and elegant than it would be with edible flowers. Cake decorating can be an exciting experience and this is a chance to go all out. If you plan on doing it yourself, get some ideas for decorating for your upcoming event by searching online or looking through magazines.

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