Bumblebees Leaves


Bumblebees leaves smells behind, did you know that? As they get coated with dusting pollen from one flower which then gets transferred to a different flower. Thinking how these dusting pollen gets coated on their body? It’s the time when they are lapping around in nectar from one flower to another. Thus, leaving behind smelly footprints on flowers. Can you compare this with any activity which we human do? Yes, there is a similarity like touching something oily or wet things we leave behind our finger marks! Have you ever imagined that how the smell which is left behind by their smelly footprints are used? Why not just give it a thought!

Bumblebees Leave Smell To Get Helped, How?

Bumblebees Leaves Behind Smelly Footprints
Bumblebees Leaves Behind Smelly Footprints

Bumblebees leaves behind a smell from the footprints which helps them to find good nectar and steer clear flowers. They also get to know the nutrient from which flower is depleted. These smells also help them to identify between the neighbours and their family members. Given an option, they have sat on the scented flowers than on the water contained flowers. They also end up spending a maximum amount of time on the flowers that have been visited by their nestmates. Thus, the smelly footprints from the nestmates help them to know that which flower the nectar has been extracted.

Flowers On Which Bumblebees Leave Smell

The bumblebees leave smell on the flowers containing more sucrose than containing water. Can you guess why? Its simply because they get attracted to the scent or strong smell coming from the flowers. The smells left behind by their nestmates also attracts them. It could be seen that the flowers having any scents attract the smelly bees than the flowers not having any scents.

Discriminating The Different Flowers

Can you differentiate from the same breed flowers? Frankly, saying I can’t! but these smelly bees can. They have the powers to differentiate between two flowers of the same breed by just smelling the nectar. Not only this, the flowers on which they sat were unrewarding but the flowers on which they had their nestmates were rewarding. Shocking to know right? It’s just because of the flowers they sat were containing no attracting smells but just water whereas, the flower had their nestmates smell which was attracting them.

Bumblebees Leaves Behind Smelly Footprints
Bumblebees Leaves Behind Smelly Footprints

So, it’s actually confusing to know that how the bumblebee search in the wild and go to the flowers whose nectar is taken out. Do they think that the flowers containing their nestmates smell has more tasty meal than the one they had? But just imagine if we had this quality wouldn’t it be amazing to know that wherein our neighbour, we have tastier meal than ours, just by being attracted to the smells! Just saying though!

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