Blue Wedding Flowers Fairytale Theme Is All You Need This Spring

blue wedding flowers

Are you looking for a fairytale blue wedding flower theme, then jump in here. As everyone knows, blue flowers are not that common in particular. However, you can find these flowers in distinct varieties.

People or wedding planners who want to know some amazing royal blue theme flower wedding ideas should glimpse this guide.

Well, color detailing in a wedding is something that fascinates guests. If you choose blue color as your wedding theme, one doesn’t need to dress in blue or wear those fancy blue shoes. Also, a blue theme does not show a blue themed cake or a blue decor table in particular.

But when you have a blue flower wedding theme, you can go with a white dress holding a blue bouquet that gives a wow touch to your extraordinary wedding.

A look of a white table with a picturesque setup of blue glassware plus blue dresses of bridesmaid with fine white posies makes your wedding perfect.

So with a blue wedding flower theme, make your special day grandeur. And for that have a look at special blue flowers that add the touch of perfectness and royalness in your wedding.

1. Hydrangea: Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

A group of bushes and trees

Hydrangea is one of the most favorite flower types of so many people. It’s a flower that you can easily add up in your flower wedding theme.

The flower heads of hydrangea are pretty and delicate, and they look stunning in the shrub form. You can use them with fresh flowers or even alone they look delicate.

Peach Roses: Blue Flower Wedding Bouquet

A small boat in a body of water

The blue hydrangea appears ravishing when you have its combo with peach roses and complete it with a gorgeous navy shade ribbon.

More Tips on Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

1. When you want to formal table setup, you can combine the blue hydrangea with some white roses.

2. If you want to use these flowers differently, then you can have floral garlands.

3. To give your wedding cake a unique touch, you can use flowers for embellishment.

2. Iris: Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

You will usually find iris flowers in two hues, including blue and purple. These two shades of iris contribute to be a perfect choice for many brides, especially who are looking for blue flowers.

You can combine iris with cornflowers and hydrangea for an exquisite wedding table decor.

Also, a bouquet of delphinium, iris, and hydrangea offer the most stunning shades of deeper blue. These shades are for those who want something different other than pastels.

You can also combine iris having darker shades of purple and blue with peach and orange. And be ready for a warm and a bold feeling.

3. Hyacinth: Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

Hyacinths offer a dreamy touch to your wedding. It’s a spring flower if you want to make it big for your Easter wedding.

Moreover, for a barn wedding, a bouquet of lavender and hyacinths is simply mind-blowing.

Grape hyacinth that is also called muscari offers you a dash of blue to your beautiful bouquet.

And it all looks lovely with anemones and roses tied with amazing lace.

For centerpieces and table arrangements, you can place these hyacinths in china bowls. Also, they can be an exceptional gift for mums and bridesmaids.

4. Forget-me-Nots: Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

Forget-me-not is the defining and the most pleasurable blue flower. The tiny flowers of this bunch are well-suited and dedicated for any country wedding.

You can have a combo of forget-me-nots with daisies using silver pots for a spring wedding that integrates glamour.

When you are using a forget-me-nots bouquet, then don’t overshadow it with plenty of formal flowers.

The decoration of cake looks ultra classy when you use forget-me-nots in it.

5. Thistles

Probably thistles are more purple in shade, therefore they go well with a blue color theme. These flowers are wild and offer a rustic flavor to your wedding.

You can combine thistles with roses to have a formal style.

One who loves miniature arrangements will love thistles.

Conclusion on Blue Wedding Flowers Theme

In all, if you want to have a wild and rustic wedding look, then welcome the idea of blue wedding flowers.

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