Flowers To shine Moon Garden

Beautiful Flowers That Make Moon Garden Shine

Very simply put, a moon garden is one that is enjoyed at night. It holds a large variety of blue flowers that look radiant by the moonlight and make the moon garden a perfect spot for relaxation and meditation after a long, hard, grueling day at work. The aromas from the moon garden can help induce peaceful sleep at night.

Such a concept is not an old one. Moon gardens have been popular since the times of the Mughals so that the king and his queen could stroll in them by night and share a few quiet moments. During the 1500s, Babar had a moon garden which he named “Mehtab Bagh”. Such gardens were also planted in Japan where small ponds were used to reflect the light of the moon.

Some Beautiful And Blue Flowers

Moon gardening, as a concept is fast gaining popularity, especially in urban areas where office goers come back home and devote time to their garden in the evening. Such gardens mostly have white or light colored flowers to catch and reflect the glimmer of the moon. Certain typical flowers are best suited for bloom in a moon garden and look their best when bathed in moonshine.

Beautiful Flowers That Make Moon Garden Shine
Beautiful Flowers That Make Moon Garden Shine


This flower only blooms at night and its petals remain open until the first rays of the morning sun touch it. During the daytime, these blooms will close and form a bud only to reopen once again at night. They have a fresh lemony aroma which wafts through the garden when its petals are open at night.

Beautiful Flowers As Evening Primrose

Although usually found in white, this flower which originated in America is also available in shades of light pink. They have a sweet smell when open and once planted can grow very quickly and spread throughout the moon garden. The oil of the evening primrose has many medicinal values.

Blue Flowers As Night Phlox

Is a flower which is popularly found in such gardens in the western world and is a native of South Africa. These are usually very small and have the subtle but powerful scent of vanilla.

Beautiful Flowers That Make Moon Garden Shine
Beautiful Flowers That Make Moon Garden Shine

Blue Flowers As Evening Stock

Another popular plant in this kind of garden is the evening stock, usually white is also available in shades of purple. They wilt during daytime in the effect of sunlight and have a very powerful alluring smell.

Beautiful Flowers As Angel’s Trumpet

Although presently extinct in the wild, this beautiful flower is usually found in western gardens and is being planted in the wild in many parts of the world. It has white flowers that release a delicious aroma after sundown.


Although not a flower, this plant falls under the category of a silver herb. It gets its name from Artemis, the Greek Moon Goddess. It is available in two varieties – the Silver King which has a strong grey color on its leaves and the Silver Queen which is a more elegant version of the former.

Literature from all across the world is resplendent with beautiful magical gardens that glow by night where lovers often confess their feelings to the beloved. These gardens, shimmering in the moonlight are what we now know as the moon or lunar gardens.

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