Best Picks For The Finest Florida Flower Gardening -

Best Picks For The Finest Florida Flower Gardening

florida flower gardening

Best Picks For The Finest Florida Flower Gardening

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Have you ever thought how beautiful it will be to have your own garden blooming with a wide variety of flowers? If you are living in Florida you have probably checked out all the variants of flowers that you can have in your garden. But, if you haven’t, we have some great pick for you. One of the secrets to having a beautiful garden is to use the variety to enhance the beauty. So, let’s check out the finest Florida flower gardening varieties.

Which Species Are Best For Florida Flower Gardening

So, now that you have decided to have your own garden in your beautiful home in Florida, let’s take a closer look at the flowers that grow best in the weather. Always remember, no matter how beautiful a plant or flower might look, if it cannot survive and bloom in the local weather then there is no point planting it in the first place. That is, unless you are building a greenhouse and creating a controlled environment.

If you want to start with something low-maintenance, then start with the pentas. They are among the easiest flowers to grow in Florida. And, the best part is that they will keep blooming without break. So, your garden will look beautiful all year round. You won’t have to water too much as the plants are more or less drought tolerant. The initial watering period will be necessary though. But, sunlight is of no major concern. The color variations include lavender, pink, and white. You will also find variation in terms of height, starting from the dwarves (12 to 14 inches tall) to the full sized ones (36 to 48 inches tall). Moreover, you will also find the flowers attract a lot of butterflies, including the zebra longwing butterfly, which happens to be the official state butterfly of Florida as well.

Coreopsis, the official state flower of Florida, ought to get a place in your garden! It is the most cheerful flower you will come across and there’s nothing better than having them adorn your garden. The daisy-shaped golden-yellow flowers are available in single flower or double flower blooming variations. Furthermore, you get to choose from the shades of gold, red, orange, yellow, and pink. You need not worry much about selecting the right color since they are extremely beautiful and attract a whole array of butterflies, and each one is pretty much drought-tolerant. The various types of coreopsis will bloom at different times of the year and will cover almost the entire year more or less. You can choose a location partly shaded or plant them under full sunlight. Keep the soil well drained, and you need not worry much about taking care of them.

Make Your Garden Beautiful Through Careful Selection

There are many more flowers to be selected when you are planting your garden in Florida. However, these two are my personal favorite. They are not much in terms of maintenance and thus you can easily have them in your garden without much hassle. So, get on with your gardening and make your home look more beautiful than ever.

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