Best Flower Gardening Apps

Flower Gardening Apps

There are various apps that give you information on what kind of flowers can grow in what kind of soil, climate and how to take care of plants. So, if you want to take up gardening as a hobby, then you must download these flower gardening apps for some additional knowledge.

Flower Gardening Apps

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Garden Answers

This flower gardening app is available on iOS and Android both. It is one of the most useful guides for any gardener. It can easily identify plants and provides you with loads of knowledge on plants and flowers. This app only caters to British garden plant species. It is easy-to-use and also very popular with more than 20,000 plant varieties. All you need to do is to take a snap of the plant you want to identify and press ‘submit’ to get all the information on that plant.


This app helps you identify plants and also provide you with a ‘digital care calendar’ to reveal all the information your garden needs. You can even personalize this app by adding some more plants that you have in your garden and this app will notify you about all your requirements.

Gardening Companion

This app, available on iOS only, is a gardening companion that can easily track your garden’s growth and progress and also assist you in taking care of your plants. It will provide you with a lot of gardening knowledge and is quite useful.


This app is also used by the Natural History Museum. It is available on iOS only. It helps you identify your plants. It was first developed by the University of Maryland. It has some very high-resolution images of flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, petioles and bark. These plant species are also identified by their leaves.

My Soil

This app is available on Android and iOS both. It gives you information on soil. This app helps you check your soil, depth, pH, type of soil, temperature and nutrient content. It is a useful app that gives you information on what kind of plants will grow well in your soil type.

Garden Plan Pro

This app is available on iOS only. If you want some expert information on planning a vegetable, fruit garden or a herb, you can do it with Garden Plan Pro. It is a simple tool that can help you design your garden, its layout, plant arrangement and also helps you track your garden’s growth.


This garden app is available on Android and iOS both. It offers inspiration, advice and lists several gardening tasks that you should be doing. This app also allows gardeners to share their useful information with others and help others with tips. This app sorts your plant care and also suggests you different ways to deal with pests and unwanted weeds.

These are some of the best flower gardening apps that you can use.

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