Beautiful Dried Flower Decoration Ideas

dried flowers decoration ideas

While fresh flowers are stunning and can really transform a home, they do need a little upkeep to keep them looking their best. But, dried flowers are frozen in time, bringing beauty and fragrance to your home for years! Here are some amazing dried flower decoration ideas.

Framed dried flowers

A close up of a flower

Dried and pressed flowers look incredible in a frame to display in your home for everyone to see. As super unique pieces of art framed dried flowers can have such a sentimental meaning if the flowers were originally from a special occasion.

Framing dried flowers is an affordable, simple and easy thing to do. And whether you glue the flowers to some paper before putting them in the frame, or just put them straight into a clear frame, they’ll no doubt always look amazing! Framed dried flowers will also make an incredible, thoughtful gift for someone you care about.

Dried flower wreathss

A close up of a flower

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, they’re perfectly acceptable to hang on your door all year round! And dried flower wreaths are totally unique, giving us some major rustic vibes. Learn how to make a floral wreath.

Dried flower wreaths would look stunning in every season. Using dried lavender or roses for bright and colourful springtime wreaths or strawflowers and sunflowers for moody autumn wreaths would look incredible. And the best part is you can reuse these wreaths for years to come! They’d also make wonderful wedding décor.

Dried flower candles

Dried flower candles are incredibly beautiful and add a lovely, special touch to your home. The small, dried flower petals being incorporated into a candle will give a burst of colour. And it’d look great as a centrepiece for a coffee table.

Not only will dried flower candles look good in your home, but they’d make very impressive gifts for your friends and family too.

Dried flower garland

Perfect for draping over your bannister, mantlepiece, mirrors or displaying over your table, dried flower garlands are beautifully coloured and textured and will really make a statement!

These dried flower garlands are extremely lightweight so you can easily move them to wherever you desire. They’re also a lot simpler to make than they look. You could repurpose your wedding flowers or other special occasion flowers into a dried flower garden to enjoy for years to come.

Dried flowers in vases

Simple yet effective dried flowers look amazing displayed in vases. You can make them as minimalistic or as elaborate as you like, it’s entirely down to your personal preference. If there’s a bouquet that you just can’t let go of, drying the flowers and keeping them in the vase is the perfect solution!

For larger displays, dried pampas grass is extremely popular to use with smaller, colourful dried flowers arranged amongst it for a wild and rustic aesthetic.

These are some of our best dried flower decoration ideas one must try.

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