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home garden ideas

In fact, there are many different types of garden that are used and there are many different kinds of gardening techniques that can be done, as well. Some types of gardening include annuals, perennials, vines, grasses and shrubs and flowers. When talking about the term “garden” some people think of the flowers that are grown in a garden. There are two kinds of flowers that can be classified under this category of gardening, these would be the annuals and the perennials.

Most home garden ideas begin with the basics, which is, making sure that the place has all of the proper elements for good plant growth and getting the soil ready for planting. It is also necessary to know what kind of gardening style will be most suitable for the space that you have available. One of the most common gardening styles for small spaces is the dwarf fruit or VF, which is done on a trellis, with the flowers coming up just short of the edge of the trellis. This is a very popular style, because it requires little maintenance, it is easily grown in almost any area and it is very versatile in that it can be planted virtually anywhere.

Vertical Gardening

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One of the most popular methods of planting vegetables and fruits in gardens is by vertical gardening. There are two main types of vertical gardening, hanging and bedding. With vertical gardening the containers are actually the plants that are planted at the bottom level of the structure and the vegetables and fruits are grown on the walls or above ground. For bedding, the plants are placed on the ground in rows, from one side to the other. The rows must be carefully spaced so that there is not too much extra space taken up by the plants.

As stated before, there are a variety of ways that can be done with dwarf fruiting or VF gardening, and each of these has their own particular advantages. For small spaces, hanging baskets are the best way to go, as they provide plenty of sun and air exposure. You can also utilize planters that can be suspended from the ceiling or other locations in the garden. Another great option is to use large rocks as a footrest to hang the baskets from, which allows for even more sunlight and air exposure, but still allows for plenty of drainage as water is drained away from the plants.

A Larger Garden

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If you have a larger garden and not enough room to dedicate an entire section, then you need to get creative. One great idea is to make use of existing features in your garden. For instance, if you have trees, pruning them back or otherwise removing the branches can be a great way to create additional flower and plant space. For the smaller patches, you can use plastic pots and fill them with pebbles or seeds. Another option would be to simply use smaller containers filled with soil and water.

If you wish to attract more garden wildlife, companion planting is the perfect solution. You can easily do this by planting flowers that attract birds and other wildlife. Some of the most common flowers that attract birds and other wildlife include: black-eyed susans, white-crowned sparrows, red-winged woodpeckers, white-crowned sparrows, blue-eyed grasshoppers, and indigo buntings.

Many More Species Of Birds And Insects

There are many more species of birds and insects you can grow to provide food and shelter for your garden guests. The important thing is that you take the time to research the types of insects and birds that will be best for your area and then take the time to grow those plants in abundance.

Home garden ideas for small spaces can actually be incorporated into your vertical gardening. For instance, using containers to grow small plants can be a fantastic way to utilize square footage that would be wasted otherwise. In addition, using raised beds or trays to grow vegetables and fruits can add an additional dimension of design to a small space. All it takes is a little planning and some imagination to implement these garden ideas into your home. Just remember to use lots of creative planning, and you will soon have an attractive garden full of healthy, attractive plants.


Vertical gardening can be accomplished in small spaces if you employ some creative designing and good planning. Take the time to really plan out your garden, and plan it’s placement. When you place a garden bed in an area that gets direct sunlight, there is a greater chance of them germinating and growing. Also, consider that the soil’s pH level plays a role in the germination of seeds. This means that if your garden bed is placed in an area that has a high pH level, the chances of those seeds germinating and growing are much higher.

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