All type of Cake Decorations With Flowers

cake decoration with flowers

Decorating a wedding cake with real edible flowers is the trending and increasingly popular nowadays. We can see a lot of real flowers cake decorations on social media and we just feel amazed because it looks so bold and beautiful. It gives a very authentic and mesmerizing look to the cake and it leaves thousands of memories behind.

Decorating cakes with fresh flowers is the latest thing for those who want to do something divine in their wedding, birthday parties or anniversary parties. You can decorate your cake with edible flowers and with non edible flowers. But you have to be careful while choosing real flowers for cake decoration as every flower is not edible and some are very dangerously poisonous. It is like just one naked cream cake decorated with colourful, fresh, and beautiful flowers that look like flowers blooming on snow.

Non Edible Flower Decoration for Cakes

Cake Decorations

Non edible flowers decorations are a trending one. It is not necessary to decorate your cake with edible flowers as people pick them off. Choosing non edible flowers is the most important part. It is highly advisable to go for authentic and original. You have to make sure that there are not any chemicals added to them. First you have to wash them really nicely. It is not necessary whether they are edible or not, this step is important. Cut the stems and wrap them with plastic before putting them in the cake. Do not decorate them long before serving and if you are worried that petals might be dry, then put them into cold water before applying. Always choose colorful, small and big flowers for decorating.

Edible Flower Decoration for Cakes

Cake Decorations

Edible flowers decorations are amazing and easier to apply then the non edible ones. For choosing the flowers you can shop around locally or you can check online as there are so many beautiful flower farms available online. Or you can just choose flowers from your plants or yards too. But be careful, you don’t have to choose the flowers which we can not eat. If you don’t have knowledge about that, always do research. Go for those flowers which are grown for consumption. You can choose roses, lavender, pensies, violas, denials, strawberry blossoms or chamomile. The great advantages of choosing flowers for decorations is that they are very beautiful, look divine, and they are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. 

Is It Safe To Use Real Flowers For Cake Decorations?

This is a very interesting question and the simple answer is that yes. It is safe to use real flowers for decorating your cakes and give your cake an authentic and beautiful look. You just have to make sure that there is no pesticides or fertilizer in the flowers, there should be a barrier between the cake and flowers, that’s why iced cakes are good for flower decoration. You have to remove flowers before serving the cake. And you have to check that the blooms do not come while decorating. And always avoid toxic flower varieties.


We hope that you have got the idea about the trending cake decoration ideas with real flowers. Flowers for cake decoration is one of the good choices for your wedding cakes for birthdays. This is something who is never gonna be out of design or style. You just have to decorate your cake with flowers at least for the one time.

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