3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots


What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Plant Pots?

Nowadays, everyone is fond of planting saplings in their home. If the house is small, then you can go with some indoor saplings, and if you have a balcony or terrace, you can go for different types of flowers and even vegetables. But the most important part is choosing pots in which you will plant.

If the plant is not sowed in the right kind of pot, it can dry away. If you do not choose the right pot, then you waste your money and time along with losing your plant.

These days many types and sizes of pots are available in the market. Choosing the right kind of pot increases the life span of your plant to its optimum, and right plant pots generally stand durable. Hence, your money goes well invested. And not to miss, they add to the décor of your garden as well.

There are three main features to consider when choosing the correct plant pots. Whenever you go shopping for your green buddies, make sure you tick this checklist before anything else.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots
3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots

Check For The Holes: Drainage

Whichever plant pot you select, make sure it has adequate drainage holes. Healthy plants need not only room to grow, but also adequate oxygen for the roots. Excess water must be able to escape, or plants may drown.

If your potting mix smells sour, there could be a drainage problem, and the foul smell can be because of the extra stored water. If there is no proper drainage system in the pot, then water will stay in the pot. This stagnant water will create many fungi in the soil, which will harm your plant. Roots of the plant can also rot due to excess water.

Right Size Of The Plant Pot For Your Plant

Selecting a proper sized plant pot for your plant is a crucial factor. If you want to plant seasonal flowering plants, then small size flower pots will also do, but if these flowers belong to the family of marigolds, chrysanthemum, or similar plants, then medium size plant pot will be required.

If you want to plant an indoor plant, then look at the height and size of the pot. Small and stylish plant pots may work for some succulent plants, but many species of pom and many types of crotons become quite large over time, so keep these things in mind and choose the pot accordingly.

You can choose these plant pots for the better health of your plants. Could you go check them out?

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots
3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots

Are The Plant Pots Porous Enough?

Porous containers such as those made from unglazed terracotta or clay, timber, paper pulp, and other natural materials allow moisture and air to move through them. The advantage of such porous pots is that they maintain airflow to the roots of the plants. Due to their evaporation from the surface, the soil remains inside the pot, and excess water is removed. In this way, the roots are saved from rotting due to excess water.

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots
3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plant Pots

These are the three important factors that can help you avoid making costly mistakes like waterlogging or dry soil that can kill your plants untimely.

It may save you a lot of heartaches later, by taking into consideration how porous and big a pot is, as well as its drainage characteristics. Enjoy gardening!

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